Moving to Another City and Wanting to Sell Quickly for Cash?

Moving to Another City and Wanting to Sell Quickly for Cash?

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Moving to a different house is one of the most stressful events you can go through. Moving to a new city adds even more stress. There are so many unknowns associated with relocation to a new town. On top of all the stresses of relocating, as a homeowner, there’s also the stress of getting your home sold before you move

Should You Sell it Yourself or Hire a Real Estate Agent?

Even if you choose to sell your home as-is, your home still might not sell as quickly as you want. And you may not get cash for it. You could try to sell your home yourself (FSBO — for sale by owner) or use an agent. However, selling the house either yourself or using a real estate agent could take months.


With relocation looming, you don’t have time to wait. Yet having a home that doesn’t sell won’t stop your move. Whether the house is sold or unsold, your relocation to the new city will happen.


No one wants to be stuck paying for a house they don’t live in. But if you must move for work or some other reason, you probably need to sell your current home. So how do you sell quickly for cash? If you are in a hurry, you can sell your home as is.


Selling Your Home ‘As-Is’

Selling quickly for cash often means selling your home ‘as-is’. Certain buyers, like real estate investors and contractors, are motivated by as-is homes. These homes aren’t in bad shape, but for a number of reasons, the seller doesn’t want to update the home.


Investors know that they can purchase as-is properties at reasonable prices and use them as rental properties. Or they can make improvements and upgrades to the home and sell for a profit. Either way, they are motivated to purchase as-is properties.


Faced with a move to another city, you may not have the time, money, or desire (or all three) to work on your home before selling it. So if you want to sell your home quickly for cash, selling as-is may be the best way to get it sold fast.


Lower Your Stress by Selling Quickly for Cash!

Relocation is stressful. However, with a move to a city on the horizon, selling your current home need not add stress to your life. BCZ Homes can help alleviate the stress by buying your home! We specialize in purchasing Connecticut houses as-is, paying cash, and closing quickly.


If you are facing a move to a new city, but want to sell your Connecticut house for cash, contact us today. BCZ Homes pays cash for homes in almost any condition. Learn more about selling your Connecticut home by visiting or calling 475-266-6999.


If you are overwhelmed by the combination of relocation and also trying to sell a home, sell as-is to BCZ Homes!



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