Auntie Beth Left You an Old House and You Want to Sell It in CT

Auntie Beth Left You an Old House and You Want to Sell It in CT

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Inherited a property can be a welcome addition to your life. Unless you don’t want it. In some cases, inheriting real estate can be a hassle. If your old Auntie Beth passes away and leaves you a house, but you don’t want it, what do you do?


Reasons to Sell Inherited Real Estate

Some people might be thinking, ‘Who wouldn’t want to inherit a house?’ There are several reasons why inherited real estate might not feel like a blessing.


  • 1- Distance — If the property is far away from you, you most likely don’t want to move into it. What good does it do you to own an inherited house in Connecticut if you live in Ohio? After all, why would you uproot yourself and your family to move far away to a house you don’t want?
  • 2- Needs Work — The property might be severely outdated, need lots of repairs or simply be unattractive. If dear Auntie Beth lived there for many years, the decor could be stuck in the 1980s. Or maybe she didn’t maintain the house properly in her later years. Either way, you might not want to do a good amount of work to update the home.
  • 3- Too Much Hassle — Some people might view an inherited house as a new source income. You could keep it as a rental property and reap the benefits. But that would require updating and maintaining it while also paying the taxes and managing the property. It could simply be that you don’t want the burden of doing any of these things.


The Selling Process

If you have no desire to keep an inherited home for one reason or another, then you will need to sell it. As is the case with all inherited property, the house must go through the probate process. Probate is the legal process for transferring property from an estate to its beneficiaries, the parties that inherit certain property from the deceased.


Probate can be drawn out and overwhelming. If Auntie Beth has a valid will and if the property is worth more than $100,000, the probate court will probably abide by the will. First, the court has to be sure that all the home’s debts are paid off. The entire process could take months and months. In the end, you could spend thousands of dollars to own real estate that was willed to you.


Even if you decide to sell the property, it still has to be probated. Although the process varies slightly from state to state, here is an outline:

  • An executor is appointed to the estate.
  • The executor determines the home’s listing price.
  • A real estate agent markets the home, makes appointments, and shows the home to potential buyers.
  • When someone makes an acceptable offer, you are notified and the home is sold.


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