Don’t Make These 7 Exterior Painting Mistakes and get the benefits of it!

Don’t Make These 7 Exterior Painting Mistakes and get the benefits of it!

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Don’t Make These 7 Exterior Painting Mistakes

Your home’s exterior is the only face that most people see. Regardless of how nice the interiors are, faded, cracking, or peeling exterior paint makes your home look sad. If the paint on your home needs some TLC, you should probably repaint it. To help you avoid costly mistakes, below are some things you should not do when painting the exterior of your home.


  1. Don’t Choose the Wrong Type of Paint

The type of paint you use on your home’s exterior can ruin the entire paint job. In general, it is recommended to use the type of paint that is already on your house. Latex paints should be used to paint over latex or water-based paint. Oil-based paint should be used to cover existing oil-based paint. Choosing the wrong type of paint could lead to cracking and peeling.


  1. Don’t Choose the Wrong Colors

The Spruce offers advice about choosing the right colors for your home’s exterior. For example, one mistake is not considering whether your new paint job stand out or fit in with your neighbors’ homes. Also, another mistake is not thinking about whether the main color, trim color, and other colors clash or go well together. Lastly, failing to sample the paint beforehand to see if you like them on your home is another mistake.


  1. Don’t Neglect the Prep Work

Painting a dirty house or painting over cracked and peeling paint is a recipe for a bad paint job. If possible, pressure wash the exterior surfaces that will be painted. If that isn’t possible, clean them with a garden hose. If your home has peeling paint, scrape and sand those areas. If this exposes bare wood, prime those spots before painting. You may even need to fill cracks or holes before painting.


  1. Don’t Ignore Lead Paint

Some homes built before 1979 may have lead paint. Homeowners who are unsure whether their home has lead paint can purchase a testing kit from a hardware store. If lead paint is present, you must follow EPA guidelines to remove and dispose of it. Also, to work on a building with lead-based paint, you must first take a special course.


  1. Don’t Hire the Wrong Pro

Homeowners who hire a professional may be surprised at the cost. Some choose a cheaper painter in order to save money. But painting the exterior of a home is difficult, tedious, and sometimes dangerous work. That is why reputable, experienced painters charge the prices they do. If you don’t plan to do the job yourself, don’t skimp on a professional painter. Hire one that will do a good job the first time.


  1. Don’t Paint During the Wrong Seasons

Waiting for cooler weather to paint your house may seem like a good idea, but it isn’t. One expert does not recommend painting outdoors after October 1. The main reason is that lower temperatures affect the way exterior paints dry and set. Painting the exterior of your house in the wrong weather could lead to cracking, peeling, and flaking. This means you will soon need to make touch ups which could have been prevented. So although summer might feel too hot for painting outdoors, it is actually the best time to paint.


  1. Don’t Buy Cheap Paint

Painting your home is an Investment. As a rule of thumb, you should buy the best paint you can afford. Cheap paint doesn’t last as long and doesn’t apply as well as higher priced paints. Over the long haul, cheap paint requires more touch ups and costs you more money. Also, the paint job won’t last as long as you may need to repaint your home after only a couple of years.


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Your home’s exterior is the only face that most people see. If you plan to paint your house, don’t make these 7 exterior painting mistakes.



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