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Commuting: 6 Good Reasons for Commuting Daily from Home to Work

For the average American worker, the daily commute from home to work has become part of the daily grind. On average, New Yorkers spend over six hours each week commuting to work. In Chicago, the average weekly commute time is five and a half hours. In comparison, Louisville, KY residents spend less than three and a half hours commuting each week.


For many commuters, their daily trip from home to work and back again is a necessary evil and one of the most dreaded parts of their work week. Admittedly, commuting can get tedious. But at the same time, some people have no choice but to commute. Most of these people are content to trudge through their commute without tearing their hair out in the process.


Yet, instead of seeing your commute negatively, you can put a positive spin on it. Below are actually some good reasons for commuting from home to work every day.


  1. Flexibility

Many workers dream of living close to their places of employment. Yet this isn’t always realistic. Even if you find a job near where you live (or find a home near your job), what if you lose the job? If the company downsizes, you lose the plum job that was only ten minutes from your house?


People facing this situation are often forced to look for jobs further afield, outside of their comfortable commuting zone. However, if you really love where you live, embrace the flexibility of staying in your current home while being able to work wherever you can find a job.


  1. Lower Housing Costs

Along with flexibility comes the ability to save money on housing costs. For those who work in major metro areas, a longer commute is easier to deal with when housing is cheaper than it is in the heart of New York City, San Francisco, or some other major city. So a longer commute can provide the trade-off of lower housing costs.


  1. Taking Public Transit (and getting things done in the process)

Not commuter drives to work. Many take commuter trains or other public transit into the cities where they work. Having someone else who is responsible for driving lets these people do all sorts of things. Some commuters use their time on public transit as an extension of their workday. Others use the time to catch up on their favorite shows. Regardless of what you do, traveling via public transit can be a freeing way to commute.


  1. Carpooling

In parts of the country where public transit is sparse, workers are forced to drive to work. But if you drive to work, why not carpool? If it isn’t your turn to drive, your daily commute can be a time to connect with people, catch up on work, read a book, or take a cap while the driver drives.

And not only that, but carpooling saves everyone money. For example, if four people travel in the same vehicle each work day, each person pays only one-fourth of the fuel cost. If each person only drives every fourth week, each vehicle gets one-fourth of the wear that they would get if four vehicles traveled the same route each workday.


  1. Time Alone (‘Me’ Time)

Some people love getting time to themselves. The introverts of the world treasure their ‘me’ time. The same could be said for parents with small children or anyone who just feels the need for some peace and quiet. Your commute to work can be the ‘me time’ that you crave. For many people, the daily commute can be much-needed time alone to recharge.


  1. Getting into Shape

If you live in a bike-friendly and/ or pedestrian-friendly city or town, skip the gym membership. Instead, use your daily commute to get into shape. Don’t drive yourself to work or hop on public transit. Take advantage of your commute to exercise and get into shape.


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For the past decade, commute times have been increasing. In the top ten cities with the longest commute times, workers average around half an hour to and from work each day. Yet even if your commute is longer than it was a few years ago, look at it in a positive light. Use that time to be more productive. Learn a new language. Call your family and friends. Commute with other people.


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Put a positive spin on your daily your commute with these good reasons for commuting from home to work every day.


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