Man Caves: Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Man Cave

Posted by Blogger // July 18, 2018

Man Caves: Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Man Cave Now and Immediately Everybody needs space to call their own, even men. Whether it is a spare bedroom, a basement, or even their office, men like to have one part of their home that only belongs to them. That is why many men have […]

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Smart Homes: Save Money and Make Your Life Easier

Posted by Blogger // July 11, 2018

Smart Homes: Can Save Money and Can Make Your Life Easier Smart homes trendy, but they are also more than just trendy. Increasingly, homeowners and homebuyers are interested in fully-integrated, smart technologies. For example, the Internet of Things, portable devices, and voice command devices from Amazon, Google, and others have put smart technology within everyone’s […]

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Independence Day: The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

Posted by Blogger // July 4, 2018

Independence Day: The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave Happy 4th of July! Today, Americans celebrate our freedom by enjoying summertime with friends and family. Below we look at how America was born and suggest some ways to celebrate Independence Day.   The Birth of a New Nation Everyone knows that […]

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The Excitement and Stress of Homebuyer Inspections

Posted by Blogger // June 20, 2018

  For first time home buyers, have a home inspection or *inspection day* is extremely exciting, but it can also be upmost stressful. Looking at homes to buy is exciting. However, when purchasing a home, you usually only see it once before making an offer. Most buyers don’t see the home again until the home […]

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Dreaming of an Open Floor Plan, New Kitchen, and New Bathrooms?

Posted by Blogger // June 13, 2018

Dreaming of an Open Floor Plan, New Kitchen, and New Bathrooms? When you dream of a new house you always have three things in mind: an open floor plan integrating your living area with your kitchen, a new kitchen with new SS appliances and new bathrooms, modern and actual!   Imagine a prospective homebuyer views […]

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BCZ Homes Buys Ugly Houses Next Door!

Posted by Blogger // June 6, 2018

BCZ Homes Buys Ugly Houses Next Door! At BCZ Homes, we love transforming ugly Connecticut homes into lovely, livable residences. Part of our mission is rejuvenating neighborhoods and improving the quality of housing for residents. Because of this, we pay cash for ugly homes in almost any condition, upgrade them, and sell them directly to […]

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Mortgage Contingency: Have You Done Your Part?

Posted by blogger // May 30, 2018

  Finding a buyer for your Connecticut home can be tricky. Especially when the sale of your home depends on the prospective buyer being approved for a mortgage. In many real estate contracts, a mortgage contingency helps protect both buyers and seller.   What is a Mortgage Contingency? Sometimes called a loan contingency clause, a […]

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Water Damaged Houses — Are There Buyers for Them? BCZ is Here for You!

Posted by blogger // May 23, 2018

  Water is essential to life, but it can also cause catastrophic damage to your home. Water damage is one of the most common types of home damage. It is also one of the top home insurance claims in America. Below are some statistics and numbers on water damage:   Water damage costs the insurance […]

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Staging Your House: Does That Help Sell Your Home?

Posted by blogger // May 16, 2018

  According to HGTV’s 15 Secrets of Home Staging, the purpose of staging your home is to:   Highlight your home’s strengths, downplay its weaknesses and appeal to the greatest possible pool of prospective buyers.   One of the main reasons behind staging a home is to make a great first impression. When seeing your […]

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You Need To Buy a Bigger House? A New Baby is on the Way

Posted by blogger // May 9, 2018

  New babies bring joy into our lives. As Eda LeShan, writer, television host, and educator, once said, “A new baby is like the beginning of all things — wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.”   Along with joy, babies bring challenges as well. For some families, a new baby means less space for the […]

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