BCZ Homes Buys Ugly Houses Next Door!

BCZ Homes Buys Ugly Houses Next Door!

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BCZ Homes Buys Ugly Houses Next Door!

At BCZ Homes, we love transforming ugly Connecticut homes into lovely, livable residences.

Part of our mission is rejuvenating neighborhoods and improving the quality of housing for residents. Because of this, we pay cash for ugly homes in almost any condition, upgrade them, and sell them directly to buyers. When we buy an ugly home, we give you new neighbors with a completely renovated home!

A Real case

A few years ago, one North Carolina woman was having a difficult time selling her house. It wasn’t because her home was in poor condition or that her home was undesirable to buyers. The problem was next door to her home in historic Downtown Reidsville, NC — an ugly house with debris in the yard, a porch in severe disrepair, and boarded-up windows


Mary Lee lived with the problem for more over ten years. When she finally had enough and decided to sell her home, a local real estate agent told her it will be almost impossible for to sell Lee’s house while the ugly house next door remained in its dilapidated condition.


Options for Neighbors

Not only is an ugly house an eyesore, but it can keep you from selling your home. On top of that, it could also bring down property values in the rest of the neighborhood. Yet if there is an ugly house near you, what can you do about it? Below are some options for dealing with an unsightly home.


1-Ignore It

For the homeowners seeking the simplest and easiest solution, just ignore it. You can consciously choose not to acknowledge the ugly house and act like doesn’t it exist. While this is definitely the easiest option, it accomplishes nothing because the house is still there.


2-Report It

Mary Lee in Reidsville, NC took action, voicing her concerns at city council meetings and reporting the neighbor to the historical society. She even got an attorney.


However, nothing could be done because the owner of the home met all the local regulations and requirements. If the homeowner is in residence and isn’t breaking local laws, reporting them may not fix the problem.


3-Block It Out

If one of your neighbors has an ugly house, you could also choose to physically block your view of it. There are several ways to accomplish this. One option is putting up a privacy fence which completely blocks your view of the house. Although a fence can be installed within a few days, it is probably the most expensive option.


Another way to block out an ugly house is with plants. Tall shrubs will block out the house, but only after a few years of growth. A slightly faster alternative to slow-growing shrubs is installing trellises and planting climbing vines, roses, or others faster growing plants.


Blocking out the ugly house takes a bit more work than simply ignoring it, but it still doesn’t solve the real problem of having an eyesore near you.


4-Help It Sell

Ugly houses can bring down property values. Their presence in a neighborhood may also indirectly prevent home sales. If there is an ugly house near you, you should take action to help it sell.


Uninhabited, run-down homes are unattractive to neighbors, but very attractive to real estate flippers. These renovation experts purchase homes as-is and completely upgrade them, solving the ugly house problem. By doing this, real estate flippers rid neighborhoods of unsightly homes and help preserve property values.


BCZ Buys Ugly Houses!

Can’t stand the sight of an ugly house on your street? Do you want to improve your Connecticut neighborhood and maintain your property values? Call BCZ today at 475-266-6999 or visit BCZhomes.com.


If there is an ugly house in your neighborhood, and no one lives there, you can actually help it sell. We pay a referral fee for referring us to an ugly house. Provide us with the information and we do the rest. In some cases we pay up to $1,000 per referral. Contact us directly to discuss terms of the referral.







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