8 Summer Projects For Your House. Have You Done Any ?

8 Summer Projects For Your House. Have You Done Any ?

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8 Summer Projects For Your House

Summer is slowly slipping away, but it isn’t too late to do some summer home projects. Below are a few house projects that you can still do before the end of summer.


Power Washing

Decks, porches, walkways, sidewalks, siding, and other surfaces collect dirt and grime throughout the year. Power washing removes the layers of accumulation and restores the appearance of your home’s exterior surfaces. As is the case with many other projects, it is better to do power washing in warmer weather.


Exterior Painting

Once you have power washed the exterior of your home, you might notice it needs a makeover in the form of new paint. Paint dries faster and better in warmer temperatures. So if the exterior of you home needs a fresh coat of paint, now is an ideal time to get it done.


Sealing and Repairing Exterior Surfaces

To protect exposed wood from the elements, decks, fences, and other wood occasionally needs resealing. Also, some types of brick and stone can benefit from being sealed (or resealed). Lastly, cement driveways, porches, and walkways tend to crack throughout the year with expansion and contraction. These may need repairing by refilling the cracks.



Late summer is a good time to refresh mulch, trim bushes, and remove dead growth from your garden. If you plan to plant new things in your yard or garden, this time of year is recommended by some experts. Planting trees in late summer or early fall allows many months of new root growth before spring. Also, this time of year is good for planting large shrubs. And in general, planting at the end of summer means the new growth needs less watering in the fall and winter to get established.



If you live in a part of the country that gets significant snow, your roof needs to be in good condition. Replacing or repairing your roof while the weather is still warm makes sense for a number of reasons. Roofing materials perform better when installed in warmer temperatures. Also, unlike snow, rain goes away much faster. So if you discover roof leak during winter, repairing it is much harder.


Prune Trees

The Arbor Day Foundation recommends pruning trees in winter and not autumn. In autumn, tree cuts heal slower and fungi spores are in the air. However the Foundation also says that some summer pruning is beneficial to trees. The goal of summer pruning is to remove dead or damaged branches and to direct growth in certain directions. For fruit trees specifically, August is a good time for pruning. Otherwise, wait on pruning until your trees have dropped their leaves.


Winterize Your Home

Although winter is still months away, now is the perfect time to winterize your home. If your home needs one or more new windows, replace now, before the cold comes. If you don’t need or don’t want new windows, you could opt for new caulking around them instead. In addition, summer is a great time to weatherproof and winterize your doors. Also, giving your heating system a check up now before you really need it is a good step towards winterizing your home.


Adding Skylights or Solar Tubes

For homeowners who have considered adding skylight or solar tubes to their homes, now is a good time. You definitely want to cut holes in your roof before the autumn chill sets in, way before the first snows.


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Summer might be slipping away, but it isn’t too late to finish some of these summer home projects.

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